Letter to the Editor: Just say no to grouse hunting

Support the dog protection bill regarding trapping season


It’s been since 2012 when I last was able to chase grouse with my dog.

Our lax trapping regulations are just too dangerous for my dogs to be in the woods during trapping season. We have records of more than 100 Minnesota dogs who were killed in body grip traps and lethal snares, and those are just the ones voluntarily reported. Letter to the Editor policy

I’m not the only one that has been forced to stay home with my dogs. Many other grouse hunters have been forced to give up hunting.

This sounds like an easily fixed problem that has been created by a minority of trappers who refuse to give an inch, more specifically the three-day check where the trapper doesn’t have to check his traps more often than every three days.

Sen. Eichorn could support a simple fix that many other states have adopted, and I’ll add without preventing trappers from trapping.


Despite this simple fix, Sen. Eichorn seems to be ready to turn his back on grouse hunters by voting against the commonsense dog protection bill SF 1316.

John Reynolds,


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