Letter to the Editor: It's time to attend township meetings


There is a saying in the corporate business world that if you don’t spend your budget for the year it will get reduced for the following year. It seems the Ideal Township Board is aware of this fact.

Like the vast majority of permanent or seasonal owners, we don’t pay much attention to what goes on behind closed doors of the firehouse/community center on County Road 16. But you should pay attention, because the three-member board oversees a budget in excess of $1 million. With a township population of around 1,200, that means we are paying hefty taxes to live in this area.

Based on 2020 estimated taxable market value of Ideal Township of $976,591,000, we are one of the highest value townships in Minnesota. Instead of reducing tax rates, creative and not so creative ways to spend our tax money are in play with the Ideal Township Board.

What Ideal Township decides to spend our money on is not influenced by you in the least. There are other players that have a larger influence on where our tax dollars are being spent. One item the board was to vote on April 29 was to install a 5 1/2- by 13-foot electronic billboard at the fire hall.

What is a $75,000 billboard needed for? According to the April 22 meeting, to recruit new firefighters and the township would sell advertising on it.


With a three-person board to make spending decisions, it only takes two people with the power to do what they want.

I believe it is time to attend meetings and learn more about how our money is being spent. If spending $75,000 of your tax dollars on a sign rubs you the wrong way, I would suggest you attend meetings too.

Mike Eastwood,

Pequot Lakes

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