Letter to the Editor: It's about time


It’s not about peaceful demonstrations getting out of hand. It’s not about instigators of violence infiltrating Minnesota’s nice protesters. It’s not even about a governor’s good or inadequate management of demonstrations.

It’s about time.

Martin Luther King Jr. lit a fuse that has burned slowly since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The killing of George Floyd in our own backyard awakened America to the truth and imminent reality that racism now has a short fuse!

My white privileged life has observed 60-plus years of “Black Hope” confined in a revolutionary incubator. This “Black Hope” child of equality and dignity for all people of color is just about ready to come home. She has gained weight and color. The jaundice is gone.

This girl is the “peach” and “princess," the beautiful offspring of Father Martin’s dream. The next generation of white folks in America will watch “Miss Dignity” grow and blossom into a force of change that will finally give validity to the truth that, “All men (and women) are created equal."


My dear white brothers and sisters, it’s about time we embrace her. Our “white” freedom depends on it. Indeed, the past is prologue (that’s Washington talk for - “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”)

Terry J. Frovik,

Lake Shore

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