Letter to the Editor: Honor politicians who serve honorably


Can the Vikings win their game with only half their team available? No way.

How about the Allied armies in World War II under Gen. Eisenhower? Could they have defeated Hitler's Nazi Germans if half the entire Allied ground, naval and air forces suddenly turned and ran? We'd be bowing before Hitler statues in Gregory Park, and all speaking German now. We almost didn't defeat Hitler as it was. All the sacrifices made by the living and the dead would have been in vain.

Today we're facing our worst situation ever. We're glad for the freedoms we still haven't surrendered yet, and we vaguely want to turn to someone or something to thank them. We're encouraged to push our gratitude toward the military (a highly overly profitable venture for some).

But lots of countries have militaries and "elections," and still aren't free. Trump's Russia, for example.

The real source of our freedom is in the mirror: us. It's the choice we make as a people.


Today we have not a "stable genius" controlling our government, but an illiterate coward. Like Adolph Hitler, he's surrounding himself with amoral cowards like himself.

Had Hitler been truly brave, rather than committing suicide in a hole in the ground, taking loved ones with him as ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reportedly did, he'd have stuck around to try negotiating the best deal he could for his loyal people. Instead he took a coward's way out, leaving angry and frustrated Allied armies to abuse Germans further.

The Confederacy's Gen. Robert Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant honorably.

Trump's party, the Republican Party, is afraid to challenge him for his crimes. He owns them. They would not defend us from our enemies either, whether military, economic or religious.

Only half our team is on the field.

A. Martin,

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