Letter to the Editor: Gun sense

We have to start somewhere with gun violence laws


We’ve all heard the phrase: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results."

Ignorant, stupid or stubborn people do this. Letter to the Editor policy

There’s now a second definition of insanity: "Letting a bad thing happen over and over, and doing little or nothing about it." The lazy, corrupt, callous or Republicans do this.

No, of course not all Republicans. But we’ve passed the point a long time ago where we can afford to be polite and pussyfoot around the issue of gun violence. We’ll never contain it without being blunt and honest.

Republicans oppose nearly all proposals about gun violence, saying it wouldn’t have prevented this or that mass shooting tragedy. It’s true, but we have to start somewhere.


Banning assault weapons won’t stop mass shootings, but it will stop some and “send a message." It’s a good starting point. Laws against murder and drunk driving don’t stop them; but believe me, they reduce them.

A child victim of the Allen, Texas, shooting had no face left. A rifle suitable for “hunting” or self-defense doesn’t do that.

Some child victims at Sandy Hook could only be identified by DNA; their bodies were too chewed up. Assault rifles do that. Jesus would even ban them for military.

The U.S. has 330 million people and 400 million guns. Assuming 95% of those are possessed by “good guys with a gun," obviously that hasn’t worked. In science, we try things. If they work, we keep them. If not, we try something else.

By the way, I like guns. Some are beautifully made tools and machines. But I’m not in love with one.

Recently the U.S. had its 199th mass shooting of 2023. It was Day 127. We’re probably No. 1 in the world. That’s not “great.”

A. Martin,


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