Letter to the Editor: Gun control: The real issue


When it comes to the topic of gun control and the Second Amendment, we spend too much time arguing over individual rights and the security a hand gun owner feels knowing she/he can protect herself/himself from danger and violence in the community.

We discount the fact that, indeed, private citizens who carry weapons could stop a murderous rage in some circumstances. There is no doubt in my mind that good people know how to handle dangerous weapons safely for good reasons. However, the greatest fear I have regarding this issue is the lesson I experienced from living.

First, theologically, there are no good people. That’s right. Much to the disappointment of you who think so, you have the capacity to commit a murderous rage. Our churches are full of hypocrites and I am one of them!

I don’t understand why I can’t do the things I want to do. And, why do I do the very things I don’t want to do? Well, let’s just say we’re not perfect.

And, in order to preserve my sanity, that’s OK with me. I live with imperfections and forgiveness. So, my fear about carrying hand guns is the real possibility that someone who should not have a weapon will be able to arm herself/himself to do the very thing she/he, under normal circumstances, would believe inconceivable!


Therefore, let’s ask personal and hard questions of those who purchase weapons. Maybe even have another person vouch for them at the time of sale. The real issue is that we are sometimes too unstable to own a gun.

Terry Frovik,

Lake Shore

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