Letter to the Editor: Government doesn't need to be our caretaker


In our current state of pandemic, we are getting a taste of what would happen in a controlled socialist government.

How’s it working for you?

We now have a taste of your dream government. The spotlight is on how it affects our businesses, freedom of association, movement and ability to function normally.

I will agree that COVID-19 is a deadly disease if you are old (as I am) or in poor health. Specifically noted is the fact that 81% of Minnesota deaths are from nursing home residents. Are the restrictions and impact on our economy worth it? Check the death rates of flu, cancer, heart disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc., etc. Not much difference. Do we shut the country down for each risk for disease?

Millions of us defended this country in the jungles of Vietnam, deserts of the Middle East, snow-covered ground of Korea and throughout Europe. We did not do this to watch our businesses fail and listen to the babble from our governor telling us what we can and cannot do because he knows best.


I have survived many risks in my life. Living has risks we all take. We do not need our government being our caretaker.

Our current model of a socialistic government control results in free government money - no jobs with only the opening of government selected businesses like Walmart, Menards and cannabis and liquor stores.

However, you can’t go to parks, campgrounds, restaurants, the movies or get your hair cut. And now you lucky people can go to church - but no singing!

If you are told you can’t go anywhere or do anything, what comes next? Maybe you’ll be given a job in a state-owned farm or factory is in your future. The governor has spoken.

Robert Stephan,

Pequot Lakes

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