Letter to the Editor: Disc golf expansion not needed

City council is ignoring taxpayers


There were 18 Breezy Point taxpayers at last week`s council meeting who were against expanding the disc golf course. Several spoke. There were five to six supporters for this expansion. They were from Brainerd, Baxter and Pequot Lakes. They liked the idea of a mega course to play for free.

One taxpayer spoke about how the demographics of the people who play does not lend itself to spending money in the area, as this is the only public good in this. According to Infinity Disc Golf (adjusted for six months of play here), the average player plays nine times a week. The study stated they spend around $200 a year on this sport. This works out to 85 cents every time they play.

Eighty-five cents. Some public good. Letter to the Editor policy

One council member said that "they may not go to Antlers but they will go to Billy`s and the Commander. They`ll spend thousands." I asked for what survey he was quoting or what data backs that up. No response yet.

One taxpayer against the expansion spoke on the lack of transparency in rolling this out. The speaker went over five years of minutes from the park and recreation committee meetings. There was no mention of this mega expansion. The council's response to this was a Biden-like scolding to us for not going to all the meetings and not being involved.


He continued: If we had, we would have known.

So it was our fault. I was insulted. Weren't they elected to represent us, the taxpayer? The 105-page comprehensive plan for Breezy Point completed in 2020 for $13,250 had one mention of a disc golf expansion listed in a priority chart to be discussed, not to act on. The board ignored this document as they ignore us, the taxpayer.

Bill Toft,

Breezy Point

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