Letter to the Editor: Disc golf course costs are a concern

Resident asks how costs will be covered.


Taxpayers of Breezy Point - $84,675 for a second disc golf course? This estimate does not include city labor or maintenance once completed.

Mowing of 30-40 acres of newly planted grass, picking up garbage once a day, maintaining a 100-car parking lot with the potential of permanent bathrooms - if not, emptying porta bathrooms every other day - spraying for mosquitoes. These are a few of the expenses not discussed openly by those planning this disc golf course. Letter to the Editor policy

"Cost neutral" is what we have been told. When asked for hard empirical evidence we`re told, we`ll get back to you soon.

I attended the park and recreation committee meeting last Thursday (April 14) and many of my questions along with others were not answered, such as how the cost is going to be covered. Is an $850 annual hole sponsorship realistic? If that is not met, how will the cost of construction and maintenance of this project be met?

These are concerns all taxpayers of Breezy Point should be concerned about as I do not remember voting for this expansion, and watch out taxpayers ... here comes a community center without a vote that will also become a financial liability.


Getting more disgusted the more I find out.

Bill Toft,

Breezy Point

(Editor's Note: The original estimated budget for the disc golf course expansion was $84,675. The city has spent $28,455 thus far with an estimated $16,500 in expenses remaining. Expenditures so far have been under the original estimated costs.)

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