Letter to the Editor: Dictatorial rule has consequences

Letter writer: We need to let legislators know that legislation that's good for the metro is not always good for rural Minnesota


Since the DFL have been in complete control of our state government, they have acted very much like dictators.

There is no pretense of bipartisanship or concerns for the minority. It is their way to the highway. Letter to the Editor policy

Given these types of actions, perhaps we should redefine DFL to dictators, frauds and liars.

Recently I received emails from some DFL legislators bragging about how fast they have implemented their far left agenda. Gov. Tim Walz recently said when it comes to climate change, you can never move too fast.

Actually, you can move too fast by outrunning the technology to make “green” energy practical. In moving so fast, they have created consequences that intended or not will have great negative impacts on rural Minnesota.


The free meal program legislation just passed and signed by Walz, while sounding so nice, may very well cost our school district well over $500,000 in lost federal money.

Walz, a former teacher, needs to go back to school to understand what his ideological push means to rural Minnesota. We now know that his slogan used in his first term of "One Minnesota" was just that, a slogan; nothing more.

Essentially everything he and his party have done has been metro-centric to rural Minnesotans in the 74 of 87 counties that did not vote for him.

There is so much more to note, but for now know that they have passed legislation that while being good for schools in the Twin Cities is not good for us, and we need to let them know.

Thanks to Krista Knudsen and Paul Utke for continuing to fight the good fight to bring some sanity to the insanity of the far left.

Dale Probasco,


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