Letter to the Editor: DFL has an appetite for money

Letter writer shares what he dislikes about what the DFL Party is doing in Minnesota


The DFL continue their one-sided, one view of their world where only their ideology matters with no bipartisan view on any substantive legislation.

Besides them passing a bill allowing abortions even on the day of birth, they voted down every attempt to offer some reasonable limits. They won’t allow reduction in taxes — only a one-time rebate check, but only for certain people. Letter to the Editor policy

My taxes are good enough to fund the surplus but somehow I do not deserve any money back.

The Minnesota House voted to make Minnesota part of the national popular vote compact, which goes around the Constitutional Electoral College and, I believe, will minimize the votes of people in Greater Minnesota.

It further attempts to avoid the need to pass a Constitutional amendment, which is the way changes to our Constitution should work. This action would allow the most populous cities and states to elect a president and effectively eliminate any role for a minority view.


It is no coincidence that the majority of these cities and states are leftist strongholds, such as states like California, Illinois, Oregon, New York and cities like Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.

Next up are omnibus bills that will raise taxes and add fees that will largely offset any rebate people may get. This includes taxes on deliveries from Amazon.

The DFL further wants to make Minnesota the only state that mandates reporting of revenue not earned in the state so they can tax that, including taxing money earned internationally.

Their appetite for money is truly an addiction since it gives them more power and control to support their big city supporters.

Stand by, more to come.

Dale Probasco,


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