Letter to the Editor: DFL effectively legalizes infanticide

A response to recent abortion decision


The DFL just passed, with only DFL votes, and our feckless governor has signed a bill that effectively legalizes infanticide in Minnesota.

In doing so they have shown several things. Letter to the Editor policy

They have no interest in being bipartisan since they rejected every reasonable amendment that would have put some guardrails in place.

They even rejected an amendment that would have required medical personnel to provide care for a baby that had the audacity to survive the abortion.

The bill passed is a little over 200 words and has no limitations whatsoever. A women can have an abortion and legally kill the baby anywhere, anyplace, by anyone at any time, including the day of birth.


Evidently they want Minnesota to be the capital of the world for abortions. They are now plotting to take away any state money for crisis pregnancy centers who offer an alternative to an abortion.

I guess the money from Planned Parenthood — what a farce of a name — of which much comes from our tax dollars, has made their wishes known and don’t want any competition impacting their major revenue source.

Those who support this unlimited bill have no morals or conscience, only an ideology they worship.

God willing, in the future we have saner majority that has complete control of the state and can tell the DFL where to go since they have no interest in being bipartisan.

For Walz, he no longer talks about “one Minnesota” since he has no use for citizens who disagree with his far left ideology.

Kudos go out to Rep. Krista Knudsen and Sen. Paul Utke, who did their best to offer some sanity to this insane and extremist position of the DFL.

Dale Probasco,


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