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Letter to the Editor: Déjà vu all over again

Letter to the Editor from Pete Abler of Crosslake


It was with more than passing interest that I read the report of the last Crosslake City Council meeting. As a five-year member of a previous planning and zoning commission, I closely witnessed the discussions and decision to contract with Crow Wing County to provide planning and zoning services to Crosslake.

At that time, during a phone interview with one of the county personnel, who specifically stated he was not going to replace the then-current administrator - Ken Anderson - I took him at his word. I don’t know if he lied or misled me, but he did soon replace Ken Anderson.

I have learned from many years of experience in military and government organizations, when someone above me has told me they are “thinking” or “analyzing” a potential action, they were already well down the road beyond thinking or analyzing.

That may not be the case today; but small-town politics are not always pretty.

Pete Abler,



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