Letter to the Editor: Crow Wing County sheriff candidates' views on red flag laws

Scott Goddard has a common sense approach needed when handling real life situations

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Recently Klang commented in the Oct. 19 Brainerd Dispatch that he supports the concept of red flags when it comes to gun permits. He went on to say, “I’ve been doing red flag stuff before red flag was a red flag.”

This should be alarming to you as a citizen. The possibility that a person with this attitude toward our right to keep and bear arms could become the next Crow Wing County sheriff is absolutely frightening. Letter to the Editor policy

Sheriff Godddard’s statement in the same paper was he does not support red flag legislation as he believes it’s currently written, because it focuses only on gun removal and not helping the person who may be having a crisis.

This is a common sense approach and reflects the maturity, intelligence and insight that Sheriff Goddard has when dealing with real life situations.

Mackenzie Erickson,



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