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Letter to the Editor: Correcting thoughts on racism

Letter writer sets the record straight on his letter to the editor


I’m unsure if a reader and letter writer failed to read my letter or is intentionally trying to mislead people about what I said.

Referring to my letter, he said: “I believe the writer said racism ended when slaves were freed at the end of the Civil War.” To put it nicely, the writer is incorrect.

What I wrote was: “Do we have racists in America? Yes. But that does not make us systemically racist. We are the only country in the world that fought a civil war to end slavery.”

The letter writer has every right to call himself racist. He is not, however, the arbiter of who is a racist. He calls others racist without knowing anything about them and with no proof. He uses percentages based solely on people's skin color as signs of racism, disregarding numerous other factors that likely also led to the success for the groups he referenced.

He says he is racist since he has privileges like being white, a job, education, housing, transportation, etc. So, evidently if you have no job, education, housing, transportation, etc. but are white, you are still a racist, based solely on your skin color. That is an abominable and demonic view of humanity.


I am grateful I grew up with pastors, parents and MLK who taught me to respect all people, get to know them and judge them on the content of their character, not skin color.

The Apostle Paul also wrote in 1 Corinthians 4 that we should not concern ourselves about being judged by humans but be concerned about being judged in our faith. God knows what’s in my heart.

Dale Probasco,


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