Letter to the Editor: Columnist's call for compromise rings hollow

Reader takes issue with From the Lefthand Corner column


Well, Mr. Bye is at it again, following the old leftist playbook by blaming others for exactly what they do.

He blasts Sen. Gazelka for opposing Walz without acknowledging the Democrats do and have done the same. I guess he wants us to give up our principles and our country to his leftists.

How would he describe the squad members like Omar, AOC, et al. who have used fiery rhetoric against Republicans, Israel, etc.? How would he describe Odessa Kelly, of Tennessee, looking to become a new squad member and who has suggested blowing up Mar-a-Lago, hiring pimps to beat up Cruz and others? I guess he believes her to be a moderate along with the other squad members.

How about Nancy Pelosi admitting she delayed a COVID-19 relief bill while Trump was president or the two years of a fake Russian collusion attack?

How does he propose Republicans participate in the plethora of executive actions taken by Biden?


Is nationalizing elections or making D.C. a state, both of which are in opposition to the Constitution moderate? If so then he must think defending the Constitution is a radical right wing idea.

Now that his leftists are in charge, Mr. Bye seems to think we should all compromise. The Democrats don’t want compromise, they want conformity.

Once again, Mr. Bye’s call for compromise/unity rings hollow.

Dale Probasco,


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