Letter to the Editor: Back to Basics is a collaborative event in Pine River

Event is a success thanks to all the participating entities


Building on "kudos to Back to Basics Committee" in a Feb. 15 letter to the editor, we need to also acknowledge, along with Happy Dancing Turtle, the partnership with Pine River-Backus Community Education.

The whole event began as an initiative of Community Ed 17 years ago. They approached Happy Dancing Turtle, in its infancy as an organization, to partner in birthing this annual event. Letter to the Editor policy

And Central Lakes College used to be an early partner as well, offering continuing education units for participants needing these in their work.

The behind the scenes work of so many makes for successful events. These leaders are some of the unsung heroes in our community.

It has truly been a collaborative annual event with the leadership, volunteers and staff from all entities in being of service to the local community, and beyond, as a unique event in the support and teaching of sustainable living from many different perspectives.


I'm grateful for the gifts of so many, from the leaders, instructors, speakers, chefs, vendors, numerous resources, cleanup crews, right down to the participants networking and building relationships.

Our community is rich with resources and talents that gradually contribute to a more sustainable community, one person at a time. Here's to many more such events and community gatherings for lifelong learning that make a difference for us all!

Barb Mann,

Bungo Township, Pine River

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