Letter to the Editor: Avid constitutionalist takes issue with writer

This letter writer believes in Constitution


A recent letter writer made several statements that I believe are dishonest and untrue. As is often the case, much of what he said was his own view not based on facts.

He references he and his brothers were in the military as was my father, my brother, myself and my son. In our service we swore to protect and defend our country and our Constitution. I am an avid constitutionalist, something this writer repeatedly demonstrates he is not.

He states again that Trump violated our Constitution but fails to say exactly what he did. He says he broke our laws but failed to say exactly which law.

I am not a special pleader for Trump but a strong believer in our Constitution, all of it as it is written.

This writer is similar to Biden in he seems to seek unity while disparaging those who don’t buy into their socialist agenda. I find it amusing that so many on the left want all of us to support their move to socialism yet have not one example where socialism has worked.


If they are so enamored with socialism, there are many countries they can go to. Cuba is likely the closest. That would seem much easier than trying to convert more than half our country to follow them off the cliff.

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