Letter to the Editor: America is in trouble

An opinion on the current state of the country


The United States of America is being taken.

No Communist Party, no religious zealot or dictator, but the greatest country on God’s Earth is failing. Letter to the Editor policy

No patriotism, less religion, weakened respect for God, no love of country, no worshipping the flag, no regard toward elders, less care for the aged and ailing.

No legality for right or wrong, no protected police force.

It’s drugs, thugs, poverty, disrespect, homeless, uncaring nonpatriotic refugees, unAmerican thinking, multiple languages, multiple attitudes, killings, thefts, youngsters taught how bad adults are.


It’s flag burning. It’s take a knee, it’s hate, it’s done with manners, respect, care, schooling, cursive.

It's killing parents, teachers, corrupting the next generation and co-opting rules of law.

It's de-escalating the legal profession, interfering with judges.

They’re proposing cuts in the judiciary budget. Striving to amend our Constitution.

Mixing matters of legislation and litigation.

House and Senate leadership is into the old fallback line: “Blame the courts.”

Demagogues always portray themselves as “protectors of the People.”

But pay attention. They spell trouble for America.


Only the American people can get this changed. You need to take a stand and contact your reps. As America sits silent this country is being taken over.

Demand that laws follow the constitution, that voting be trustworthy again with onsite only voting, showing your ID and being a United States citizen to vote.

Only then can we begin to save this country from dictators.

Ray Robb,

Breezy Point

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