Letter to the Editor: America is financing Russia's Putin

This is the blood money Russia is using to destroy and kill the people of Ukraine


Biden stepped right into it again (2-7-22) when he sent Vice President Harris to Europe to meet with our allies and NATO members to rally support over the threat of Russia's invasion on the Ukraine border.

This is the same individual Biden put in charge of our southwest Mexican border (January 2021) to stop over 2 million illegal immigrants with drugs, rapists, murderers, sex traffickers, etc., who have since crossed and without restrictions have been bused and flown all over our country.

Her actions violated her federal oath of office. Still, she remains in office, so I'm sure with her border "expertise" here, no one in their right mind showed up to listen to her. (Her next trip - March 9, Poland. Why?)

Watch her interviews - her brain is fried. The world sees this, and she represents our United States and is next in line for the Oval Office, God forbid.

Trump 2020 - like him or not - had us oil independent from the rest of the world. Oil dictates any country's economy; that's just a fact. And with his common sense, nonpolitical agenda, the world respected America.


Biden signed off our independence the first day - "Keystone," Alaska's "ANWA," capped wells, new oil exploration, etc. He and the "squad"/Democrats decided America was going "green." Since that day, all America knows our economy is a disaster.

America right now is buying 500,000 barrels of oil every day from Russia - $100/barrel. We're paying Russia $50 million a day.

This is the blood money Russia is using to destroy and kill the people of Ukraine. (Taiwan's next.)

It didn't have to be this way if America had stayed strong. You Democrats put him in there, now what are you going to do about it? It's your country too.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes

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