Letter to the Editor: A list of Biden's 'accomplishments'

Failures of his presidency outlined


President Biden has accomplished many things since he became president. A brief list includes:

A disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in the unnecessary deaths of 13 brave soldiers. Letter to the Editor policy

Moving the country from energy independence to energy dependence under the guise of climate change. Now he is begging regimes like Iran, Venezuela and even some allies to increase their oil production for us. So much for his climate change excuse.

Inflation hitting new highs, hurting those in need the most. He and the leftist Democrats fail to understand that the rules of economics and supply and demand don’t take a vacation just because you are a Democrat. Gas prices have soared, including major increases before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Our southern border is a disaster with fentanyl coming in and killing more Americans than in recent time while enriching the drug cartels, not to mention that people on the terrorist watchlist have been using the southern border for illegal entry.


His display of weakness encourages our enemies and is partially responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His response to this invasion has been woeful resulting in more Ukrainians dying then necessary.

While this invasion is going on Biden is using the Russian to negotiate a new deal with Iran. Even the Russian representative says he was surprised at how much the United States was willing to give up.

With Biden and the Democrats the national debt has soared to over $30 trillion. While not totally his fault, his policies are the main driver of the increase.

Crime across this country has soared and includes almost historic increases in the deaths of Black people, which is not driven by shootings from police but rather the defund police movement.

An accomplished failure, worse then even Carter was.

Dale Probasco,


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