Letter to the Editor: Why Breezy Point?

Resident questions disc golf course expansion


Did you know that the city of Breezy Point is expanding its current disc golf course to 36 holes?

Did you know the expansion is in the middle of a residential area with significant impact to homeowners? Letter to the Editor policy

Did you know the use and development of public land is apparently unregulated?

If you live near or adjacent to public land in the city of Breezy Point, you should be concerned.

The disc golf course expansion doubles the size of the current 18-hole course. There are hints of an intent to develop a 72-hole course. There isn’t a community around with a course that large, which begs the question, “Why?” Why Breezy Point?


To date, most resident questions remain unanswered.

How was this project identified? Who determined location? Who determined design? Who solicited input from the public? Was there a public comment period? Were requests for proposal (RFPs) solicited? Did the council discuss and approve the development? Has the council addressed liability for use?

There are many other questions — unanswered to date.

While the current council inherited the issue, two council members are incumbents and should have answers to these questions. I believe no formal process was followed in the development of public land in a residential area.

As a resident, I have listened to my council. The reasons they give for this use of public land do not check out — it is not revenue generating, it is not consistent with the comprehensive plan, and the development is far greater than justified by need or use.

If you want Breezy Point to do a better job of planning projects on public land, please express your concerns to our council regarding this project.

Let’s expect from our council honest representation, commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility and care for the community they represent.

Valarie Wallin,


Breezy Point

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