Letter to the Editor: Neither party should be allowed to eliminate the filibuster

Democrats shouldn't be allowed to eliminate it.


As we have all heard, the Democrats are trying to get rid of the Senate filibuster. They claim it is archaic and some call it racist.

Our two senators both support the elimination of this rule. Specifically, Sen. Klobuchar wrote that in the past she worked on filibuster reform in 2011 and supported doing away with it in votes for executive branch appointees and judicial nominations.

Of course, she would since her party was in power and needed this to get their way.

She is at it again. With no mandate and the Senate split 50-50, she wants a way to jam through her leftist, Marxist ideology with the use of the VP as the deciding vote. She has no respect for the voice of the minority, including the minority in Minnesota.

However, five years ago a letter urging to keep the filibuster in place was signed by 61 senators, including 31 Democrats with Klobuchar being one of them. Now those Democrats, including Klobuchar, have changed their tune.


The letter in part said “... we are united in our determination to preserve the ability of Members to engage in extended debate …" further stating, “We are mindful of the unique role the Senate plays in the legislative process, and we are steadfastly committed to ensuring that this great American institution continues to serve as the world's greatest deliberative body."

Of course she wanted that then since the Democrats were in the minority. She has shown us her two faces and both of them are evil and self serving. She does not stand for America but for herself and the far left wing of her party.

Unlike Klobuchar, as a constitutional conservative I oppose eliminating the filibuster by either party.

Dale Probasco,


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