Letter to the Editor: Our state's U.S. senators have lurched left

Both of Minnesota's U.S. senators need to be held accountable and voted out of office when the time comes.


Our senators have taken a decidedly left bent on their actions. Unsure if they truly believe in the radical far left agenda or are just scared of the squad and leftist/Marxist wing of their party.

Either way, their actions are bad for our country, individual freedom and liberty. They are taking actions to centralize as much power in Washington as they can.

Their actions include:

  • Eliminating the filibuster, which will turn the Senate from the most deliberative body in the world to nothing more than an extension of the House of Representatives. Even their leader Schumer in 2005 said eliminating the filibuster would be a doomsday for democracy. They are doing this even though they have no mandate.
  • Nationalizing elections in direct conflict with Article 2 of our Constitution, which purposefully provides that the state legislatures determine voting rules to avoid centralizing power in Washington. They claim voter suppression without any data or evidence to prove that. Requiring ID to verify who is voting is not suppression, never has been and never will.

Shortly after it was reported that the Boston Marathon bomber had received a stimulus check, an amendment was offered to protect against prisoners, including murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc., from receiving stimulus checks.

Both our senators voted against that amendment, voting instead to let prisoners receive these checks.


They have both refused to condemn the practice of allowing abortions up to the day of birth or the Biden created crisis at our southern border.

Both our senators have lurched far left at an amazing pace trying to enshrine their leftist/Marxist ideology before they lose their slim control in November.

They both need to be held accountable and voted out of office when the time comes.

Dale Probasco,


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