Bites is the best


Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to again dine at Bites Grill and Bar in Pine River with another couple.

We initially discovered the restaurant over a year ago and have since returned quite a few times. Each visit has resulted in a delicious meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

That was the case on a recent Friday evening when we had finished our dinners and were awaiting dessert. Suddenly one of our party mentioned he wanted to stand up for a few minutes but instead experienced a medical situation.

Thankfully, we later learned he had fainted due to some activities and strains earlier in the day, but initially we were alarmed and requested assistance. I called 911 for a dispatch of help and alerted the staff at Bites regarding our concerns. They immediately sprang into action.

One of the servers, appropriately named Charity, is also an emergency response technician and she appeared with her medical bag in moments. The owners, I called them "Mr. and Mrs. Bites" and have since learned they are Wendy and Roger Hoplin, knew that another diner was an M.D. and enlisted him to attend. Other patrons were quick to offer assistance and care. Eventually the 911 people arrived, a thorough medical check was later provided and we were all able to return to our homes with great relief.


Part of that relief was thanks to the extraordinary assistance and care provided by the staff and customers at Bites. We plan to return soon, looking forward to not only a great dining experience but one in a very respectful, caring and professionally run business.

Bites is the best.

Mary Margaret Liedl,


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