To the Pequot Lake School Board members,

I wanted to lend my voice in support of both the superintendent and all the work the Pequot Lakes School teachers and staff have been doing to implement equity, equality and inclusion in the district.

It’s a hard thing to do in this area - to stand up for something like SEED - but we need it, desperately. I am proud to support the SEED program and encourage the superintendent and teachers involved to not lose heart from the lash back.

I commend the work of the superintendent in finding and utilizing tools to stand up for our students who need that delicate understanding, care and concern so they can receive what should be a standard amount of respect and consideration in our schools and in our community.

Standing up for others - regardless of being bullied yourself - can be tricky, but it is both vital and the right thing to do. This is about all of our children. It’s the truth that many don’t feel safe, heard and supported in our community.

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We have an obligation to each other to help correct our shortcomings. I hope this uproar can be peacefully put behind us and the positive work this program has been doing for all of our kids may continue.

I will do what I can myself to support the effort going forward. Thank you for standing up for love, inclusion, diversity, respect and what is right.

HollyRose McKnight,


Pequot Lakes graduate and mother of a Pequot Lakes High School student