Much has been alleged about voter suppression for states that are requiring proper identification before voting in person or absentee.

The Democrats once again try to claim it is racist. It is not, and it is not suppression. There are no credible studies that definitively link identification requirement to suppressing anyone’s vote.

Requiring ID to board a plane or train, to buy liquor or cigarettes or enter a federal building is not suppression, and neither is it when required for voting.

Evidently the Democrats believe that certain groups of people are less knowledgeable or lack the energy or desire to participate in our republic. (Yes a republic, not pure democracy.)

With few exceptions, which can be accommodated, people should and can participate with really very little effort. Actually, less effort than it takes to protest.

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Any vote that is cast illegally, against existing rules, cancels the vote of a legal vote. That is when real suppression occurs.

Proactively protecting everyone’s vote is the right thing to do. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Every legal voter has the right and responsibility to put forth the little effort required to exercise this privilege.

Remember, we were a collection of states that saw a need for limited central government, but recognized the importance of keeping states' rights.

Now the Democrats, including all members of the Minnesota delegation, support taking away our states' rights and give to the federal leviathan.

I support counting all legal votes just as I support all legal immigrants, something the Democrats evidently disagree with.

Dale Probasco,