It is undeniable that much is at stake with Line 3. For the people of northern Minnesota - the quality of life that is made possible by the public resources of clean water, forests, wild rice and wild places is at stake; for the foreign corporation that is Enbridge - continuing to post profits.

Allowing Line 3 would bring more destruction to Canadian and Minnesota forests, bring tar sand with 1:3 efficiency ratio (1 barrel of oil’s energy is needed to produce 3 barrels of oil, contrast with Texan oil having 1:40) through yet another new swath of public land, cross more than 200 water bodies and 400 wetlands, bring Enbridge (the largest user of electricity in Minnesota) to use 2 megawatts for pumping oil/tar (equivalent to two nuclear power plants), and eliminate the possibility that Minnesota could reach current pollution reduction goals.

Line 3 makes abundantly clear that laws apply very specifically to individual Minnesotans but very vaguely or not at all if a large corporation is involved. Why is that? It is the same reason that most of the travesties in human history have taken place. Money talks. And it is very disheartening to see people normally of good conscience change their ways when personal financial benefit is made large enough.

It is a very human tendency that becomes problematic when people can no longer drink their water, harvest their food and enjoy the benefits of functional ecology.

Mike Tauber,

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