In the ‘50s, I watched them on "The Mickey Mouse Club," glued to the tube. The boys were as different as they could be. Marty was refined and cautious while Spin was savvy and a leader. They were city kids at a summer dude ranch.

Adventure was their game. Spin took off for life. Marty got going and would never be same.

Watching them gave me hope. I was ready to saddle up and hit the trail. Instead, (no bit and bridal), God attached a collar around my neck.

The “Spin and Marty” series planted a thought. Imagine what happens if you believe that eventually what is right will happen. The boys grew and changed. So did I.

I tend to think metaphorically and I love looking for dual meanings in words. So please take another look with me at “Spin and Marty." Consider “Spin” - the “spin” of a vortex. Let “Marty” be a martyr named Martin Luther King Jr.

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A vortex and a martyr!

The martyr had “A Dream." It’s been hanging in the air since Aug. 28, 1963 - spinning in a vortex, around and around, down and down.

Then George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe!” The officer kept kneeling on his neck. Floyd stopped breathing. Floyd died ... But the dream came alive! The Dream! Alive! Martin’s Dream spun off the vortex! George’s death opened our eyes. We took a deep breath. No more dying. Black Lives Matter.

Eventually, what is right will happen.

God bless the martyrs - Martin and George. (And Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Jimmie Jackson et. al.)

And thanks, “Spin and Marty."

Terry Frovik,

Lake Shore