In response to those thinking masks will stop COVID-19. Stop. It's a lie. A mask mandate is giving people false security that they are safe.

There is a reason there was no mask mandate made in the beginning. It's because all masks - even the N95 masks - are incapable of stopping the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

Articles from the Association of Physicians and Surgeons and Doctors for Disaster Preparedness look at the facts and dispel the lies coming from bureaucrats who haven't practiced medicine in decades. and look at the facts. And physicians and doctors who are in everyday practice concluded: "Looking at raw numbers, (4.4%) got infected when wearing a mask and (8.4%) when not wearing a mask (Lancet, 6/27/20, Thus, the average probability of not getting infected was 91.6%. If a person is not infected, there is 0% probability of transmission and 100% probability of no transmission. If the person is asymptomatic, the possibility of transmission is disputed ("

Masks protect no one. Stop the insanity.

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Pastor Dale A.P. Anderson,

Pine River