As usual, Mr. Abler uses his broad brush to explain folks who do not like President Trump as “elite” and/or “liberal.” I am a middle class, middle age, Catholic, public school teacher who used to call myself a Republican. Until Trump.

I see him for who he is: a slick used car salesman who hates women and anyone who doesn’t fit the mold he desires. He is a bully and has diminished the office with his boorish Twitter account. Frankly, it’s beyond boorish, it’s dangerous. Mr. Trump is the modern day Mr. Potter from the movie "It’s a Wonderful Life;" he represents the worst qualities of capitalism and greed that live in some Americans.

I believe we are better because of diversity in our schools and our communities. I believe that those that have enough should give to those who don’t, and I believe that we should not have to follow a religion other than our own. If that makes me a liberal elite, so be it.

After reading the book "Bias" by Bernard Goldberg back in 2001, I became fully aware that the media has a bias. It may help to remind Mr. Abler that media has a bias depending on the channel you choose to watch. I suspect Mr. Abler is a fan of Fox news. I suggest he pick up a book and read something from the “liberal elite” to see the other side of things, just like I do.

Some suggestions: "Unbelievable" by Katy Tur and another good one is "The Mueller Report." An important read before the next election. I have a copy of both of them if he is interested.

Mary Casserly-Smith,

Nisswa summer resident and Eagan