A recent letter writer states he is not highly educated and not always aware.

With his many letters it is clear he can read, write and comprehend. He unfortunately lets his apparent hatred of our president and his ideology cloud his view on the truth and the Constitution. His recent letter ignores "The Mueller Report," which showed the president did not cheat to get elected but won in a fair election.

The writer further states that President Trump represents evil and that he and the Republicans represent everything wrong with America. Here are some facts about what the president has done.

Lowest unemployment for blacks and Hispanics, a booming economy, increased average wages and take home pay, took action to protect Americans (no, he is not looking to start a war as a distraction), enacted prison reform, etc.

The letter writer should be more specific about the evil Trump has done instead of using talking point with no facts.

I am a conservative and Constitutionalist. You don’t impeach a president because you hate him. He must commit bribery, treason or other high crimes or misdemeanors, a high bar set by our founding fathers.

It now appears the Senate will allow witnesses from both sides, which was not the case under the Democratic House impeachment hearings.

Trump is not Hitler nor done anything like Hitler. He has not spied on journalists like Obama, not spied on his opponents like they did with the Trump campaign, has not engaged in a sexual affair with an intern like Clinton and unlike most other presidents, he earned his wealth before coming into office, not after like Clinton, Obama, Biden, etc.

Facts and truth still matter more than hatred, anger and hollow talking points.

Dale Probasco,