On Thursday, Sept. 26, the House of Representatives considered a bill HR 3525 called “U.S. Border Patrol Medical Screening Standards Act.”

This bill requires, without additional funding, DHS “shall research innovative approaches to address capability gaps regarding the provision of comprehensive medical screening of individuals, particularly children, pregnant women, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations interdicted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection…”

It further requires, again without funding, the creation of an Electronic Health Records system within 90 days for illegal immigrants in ICE’s custody.

An amendment was offered to have a similar system created for our veterans and create that system before setting up the system for the illegal immigrants in ICE custody.

The amendment putting veterans ahead of illegal immigrants was voted down 202 for and 213 against. Note that four of the five Democrats from Minnesota - Craig, McCollum, Phillips and Omar - voted against the amendment and thus against veterans.

These same four voted to pass the bill that places illegal immigrants ahead of our veterans.

Next time these four people claim they support our vets, you will know they are lying, and make sure you call them out for this despicable vote.

Dale Probasco,