Once again a letter writer misses my point, which was clearly stated in my letter. So, I will try one last time.

There are no simple, one-action solutions to the problem of gun violence. As clearly stated in my letter, I said “an overall decline in morality needs to be considered in seeking ways to stop or minimize mass shootings.” I further said that “serious, comprehensive discussions on all avenues is what is needed.”

I never said or suggested that teaching morals would, by itself, reduce the carnage, only that morality needs to be part of the conversation.

The letter writer seems to oppose having serious, comprehensive discussions on the issue but rather wants people to accept his talking point solution as the answer. I am open to serious, comprehensive discussions, but his letter would indicate he is not. Failing to consider alternatives is often a sign of a closed mind.

Yes, I do have my own Bible, which frequently references morality.

Dale Probasco,