Belief in God is the foundation of religious ethics. But for some, the Biblically rooted “Thou shalt not kill” does not apply to their evil intentions.

Yet, if they kill and are convicted, they will do penance for their moral transgression and will no longer be a danger to society. That’s law and order.

Order - in this chaotic, oftentimes murderous world in which we live - is manifest in regulations; on-point regulations that are purposefully set down to forever strive toward the goal to be a nation of peace and order.

A rebuttal letter writer now claims that teaching morals will effectively reduce gun carnage, that you don’t need extraneous, cumbersome, 2nd Amendment-infringing regulations to try to wrap an “unlikely” handle around rampant strings of mass shootings, stem the widespread proliferation of rapid-fire, battlefield-proficient semi-automatic weapons, or require universal background checks, implying that “a well-regulated militia” is 18th century so-yesterday, anyway.

Compare an SUV with a firearm. Both are everywhere, both can be sources of usefulness, and both can be instruments of death, accidentally or maliciously used as lethal weapons. If you want to own a car or drive: Pass a test, submit background documentation, get licensing. If you want to own a gun: Pass a background check, get licensing.

Abuse them, weaponize them, and you’ll pay the piper - behind bars.

For the rebuttal writer’s proposed moral teachings, he could start by reverently holding up his Bible (if needed, I can loan him mine) and a mirror, saying aloud the Golden Rule, to “Do unto others ...”

That way, the local newspaper editor wouldn’t have had to apologize to me, a while back, over inadvertently allowing his volley of pointless, defamatory, ostensibly libelous, personal attacks against me slip past their editing filters, when he replaced publisher’s policy with self-righteousness.

Steven Olson,