In reference to the letter to the editor titled "Pride is not self-respect," I find it astonishing that a left-winger, Democrat can find so much fault with Trump.

I say you need to respect the office of the president of our country. Thank you for your service and that of your brothers, one with the ultimate sacrifice. As a 20-year career Army man, I served under several presidents and, despite whom I voted for, after the election that man became my commander in chief and was due my complete respect.

In fact, everyone should be reminded that if it wasn't for the USA, these Europeans may not be free to criticize us now.

The writer also says he is ashamed of his country because of Trump and his supporters. A short walk down memory lane and Michelle O. said for once (once only?) she was proud to be an American when her husband was elected.

As a gift from our country, Obama gave the queen an iPod with speeches he's made. The queen already had her own iPod. Then Obama continued to toast the queen when "God Save the Queen" was being played - a major blunder. Obama was caught on an open mic telling Putin, "Wait until after the election and then we'll have more flexibility."

When you refer to Trump behaviors as "only an idiot with zero socialization (skills?) and upbringing would do such things," these faux pas are not party related glitches but human blunders.

Your side protests while wearing Pink V. Hats, fights hearing from conservative speakers at college campuses, refers to police as pigs, calls the president a liar, traitor, hidden Nazis, etc. We listen to it all but we don't suggest you are not a true citizen, but only that you seem to be misguided.

Robert Stephan,

Pequot Lakes