Maybe my parents could've done better bringing me up. Maybe I could've done better with my own children. But one thing all of us understood was that if you're invited somewhere to a big dinner, you don't insult your hosts and their family, the hospitality or food they give you, or the way their home is.

For sure you don't pick fights with the hosts and family. You don't act like you own the place when you get there.

Only an idiot and one with zero socialization and upbringing would do such things, whether or not they're "legal." To do such things would show how shallow you are, and how very weak your character is. Most normal people who weren't taught better would pick up such knowledge in life just by observing and being interested in those around them and observing how others act. Being "honest" is no excuse for being a crooked jerk.

Us four brothers all served in the military. One died in combat, one lived with PTSD for decades, dying early.

Today I'm ashamed of my country. I'm ashamed of how the occupant of our White House has behaved in representing us all. He's picked fights with England's royal family. He's criticized how they run their home country. He's insulted the leader of their largest, most important city.

And I'm angry at my country, that so many think behaving this way is just fine with them and their party.

You can wave all the flags you want, and wear all the flag lapel pins you can find, but if you put party and self ahead of country, you're not truly a citizen of the United States, and what it's tried to stand for.

To make "America" great, first we have to make it better.

A. Martin,