Jaw dropping is the best way to describe our reaction to the apparent rubber stamping of the variances applied for in the new Driftwood development.

We went to the May 16 meeting expecting our voices would be heard and considered. After listening to all the negative feedback from constituents, the commissioners seemed to ignore all thoughtful arguments against the variances.

We built our new home on Lower Hay Lake in 2015, respectfully following all rules and regulations, and it is so disheartening to see the travesty that could be happening on the small seven acres of Driftwood in what could only be presumed as a way to generate taxes.

To allow so much impervious surface and the destruction of the small environmental bay to accommodate so many boat slips is appalling. How could that possibly be good for the water quality concern and shoreline restoration we are always hearing about?

We strongly urged our planning and zoning commissioners to vote against approval of this plan. If impervious rules and building setbacks are not enforced within reason, why do we have them?

Debra and Terry Enger,

Pequot Lakes

(Editor's note: The Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners denied a request for a land use map amendment involving 7.3 acres that would allow the redevelopment of the former resort at its Tuesday, May 28, board meeting. https://www.pineandlakes.com/news/government-and-politics/4618914-crow-w... )