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Letter to the editor: Letter writer missed point of column

In response to a letter in the May 9 Echo Journal, I personally found the letter offensive as I think the letter writer completely missed the point of Mr. Abler's column.

I did not interpret that he was comparing President Trump to Jesus, I certainly would not; however, I would compare the constant denial of the 2016 election of President Trump by the Democratic party to the crowds that demanded "Crucify Him" to Pontius Pilate, who washed his hands and gave Jesus as a sacrifice that He did not believe in.

That is the lesson I believe Mr. Abler was referring to.

Compare our country's history of the Salem Witch Trials, Burning Books, etc., to the present pressures to alter our history by renaming historical sites, destroying statues and banning the Pledge of Allegiance due to the use of the word "God."

All lead to our lack of discipline in our schools, disrespect of our flag and reverence for God's Ten Commandments and respect for our fellow man.

Rather than display my privileged presence in the Echo Journal trade area, I would point out that Crow Wing County was one of 78 Minnesota counties voting for President Trump, versus nine counties for Ms. Clinton. Due to the metro area population she won the Minnesota vote by only 44,765 votes, a resounding 1.6%!

Nationally, 29 states voted for Donald Trump versus 21 states, and ignoring California as the Electoral College did, the popular vote would have favored Donald Trump as well.

Our Legislature and Congress should focus on living up to their oaths of service to the public, and work for the benefit of our country and not political differences.

Well, that's the way I see it, thanks to Mr. Abler.

Cliff Simon,

Ideal Corners