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Letter to the editor: Do your job, quit or be impeached

Republican U.S. Attorney General William Barr lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee, run by Republican Lindsay Graham. He lied about what Special Counsel Republican Robert Mueller thought about Barr's "summary" letter, which attempted to exonerate Republican Donald Trump, current occupant of our White House.

The attorney general's job is to represent the interests of the U.S. people, not whoever's in our White House! We people most definitely need someone who speaks for us. Because corporations and the wealthy took over so much of how our democratic government is run, by using the Republican Party, the people have too little voice these days. It's why so many of us are frustrated.

Mr. Trump wants only one thing from anyone he hires: total and complete loyalty. When I lived in New Jersey in the '60s, this was the rule of the mafia; the mob. Trump gives no loyalty in return, but is clever enough with his mouth to string people along well past the time when they've hurt their own lives or ruined their reputations.

Moral character or job qualifications mean nothing to Mr. Trump. Do what you want, he tells them.

Trump tried to get out of paying his own attorney, using the White House Attorney Don McGahn instead. But the White House attorney answers to the people, not the president, so there is no client-attorney privilege!

No one told Trump, or in his arrogance and hubris he didn't listen, so he ended up telling McGahn a lot of things he wished he hadn't.

A. Martin,