Vote "yes" on the school bond referendum Tuesday, May 14, at Pine River City Hall. Each piece of this referendum is a much needed improvement to our school district and our community.

I am a 1976 graduate of Pine River High School, and recently, I had the opportunity to visit the PR-B industrial tech classrooms, aka "shop class" for those of my generation. Sadly, the rooms look almost the same as they did when I was a student.

This proposed renovation is decades overdue. A media center is an important area in any school; let's bring it into the 21st century. Have you seen the old high school gym ceiling? It's gross! Many of the renovations in this gym and the football/track areas are needs dictated by code requirements.

Regarding the storage component, most of us lack enough storage, and a school is no different. Our district needs more space to house buses, machinery and equipment.

Lastly, there's the auditorium - the proverbial "elephant in the room." Several local people who have had prior experience with new auditoriums said that once it was built, they didn't know how the community functioned without it! Rest assured, folks, this will be used.

We have a healthy school with excellent leadership. The vision they have set forth in this bond referendum is practical, thought-out and shows good stewardship. Being a business owner, I know that a business that isn't improving and changing with the times will lose customers and decline; in all reality, a school is a business - they are in the "business" of educating our children.

Let's get behind our school, show our Tiger pride and vote "yes" on May 14. Our kids are worth it.

Craig Anderson,

Pine River