I have been a summer resident in Nisswa for 53 years and have enjoyed every aspect of being able to call Nisswa my second home.

In my teens I was lucky enough to even spend my summers working in Nisswa. My parents, and now I, have had a subscription to the Echo for as long as I can remember and we all have enjoyed keeping up with everything that is going on "up north" even in the middle of winter when we are longing for our summer cabin life.

Recently, I have been paying attention to the back and forth of your editorial writer, Pete Abler, and a few select community members. I appreciate all points of view and consider myself an independent minded person so my mind is always open to hearing perspectives that may be different than my own.

That being said, I must say that I am absolutely offended by Mr. Abler's latest column where he has the audacity to equate Jesus Christ's crucifixion to what is happening to Donald Trump. I would think that the editorial staff would have given that a second look, and thought, like I did - what?

Mr. Abler, my words to you sir are, our country is so much more important than any party. Echo staff, my words to you are, do better.

Mary Casserly-Smith,

Eagan and Nisswa