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Letter to the editor: Your cemeteries need help

Nora Kline's monument is placed at the entrance gate of the Old Cemetery. This was the work of many friends, working together to honor the dead.

She has been resting peacefully in a section near here beside her husband, Will, since her death on May 22, 1961. They have been blessed to have a family to care for them. Mody Gardiner and Sis Risnes, two of their granddaughters, and Sis' daughter, Glenda, and husband, Russell Edgeton, have kept their sites looking good.

Now those people buried in the cemetery need help so they aren't forgotten. When help was needed earlier, a call was made and Mody Gardiner stepped up with a sizable donation. With it, they were able to start cleaning up the cemetery by removing the unsightly brush and stumps.

A new board member, Jacque Ide, has been very instrumental in reaching the goal. She worked hard to get veterans' gravesites cleaned and straightened to give them the honor they deserved. They are in the process of repairing stonework on the columns, at the south entrance, cleaning and straightening all other gravesite monuments.

Please don't let them down. Give a donation to help with the upkeep. They will feel good and you will too!

Send donations to Pine Ridge Cemetery at PO Box 5, Pine River, MN 56474.

Gertrude "Sis" Risnes,

Pine River