A letter writer is being genuinely dishonest in his knowledge about guns and perpetuating that as fact. Let me correct some of those factually incorrect assertions.

First, he again asserts the shipping of firearms on internet sales between parties online. The only way you can ship a firearm to another is between Federal Firearms License dealers. Yes, you can ship, but only to an FFL and then a background check takes place. This is federal law.

He asserts that universal background checks are proven effective by a university study, referring to a Boston University Study (https://www.bu.edu/research/articles/state-gun-laws-that-reduce-gun-deaths/) without citation.

The study conclusion actually states that more gun laws related to fewer firearm deaths. Again this is factually incorrect. The data and common sense actually say the opposite. Once you account for the average pre-existing differences in homicide and suicide rates across states and the average annual changes in those deaths from year-to-year, stricter gun laws are associated with more total deaths from homicides and suicides.

Increasing the index of the gun laws in a state by 20 percentage points (about one standard deviation) is associated with an increase in the total death rate (homicides plus suicides) of 0.4 per 100,000 people (https://crimeresearch.org/2018/03/states-stricter-gun-control-laws-fewer...).

The letter writer is blind to the fact that what the Democrats have proposed does nothing to enforce our existing laws, nothing to target those obtaining guns illegally, and nothing from targeting the thugs who commit violence with firearms on a daily basis.

It only is designed to make criminals out of legal gun owners and restrict your rights. The writer and Democrats will use whatever dishonest and inaccurate information they can to convince you that it is OK to restrict or eliminate your constitutional rights.

David Anderson,

Formerly of Backus