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Letter to the editor: Governor's 'new story' isn't new at all

Our governor recently said we should write a new story for Minnesota. In a letter from Mr. Olson, he talked about Minnesota being a leader for the country.

I agree that both are certainly possible, but, of course, I believe the new story should be more about individual freedom rather than bigger and more intrusive government.

The new story for Minnesota should be about lower taxes and less government, which continues to fail us. The money spent on education continues to rise while the results for our students at best remain stagnant or declining. He wants a 20-cent increase in the gas tax that will mainly benefit the major cities but will have a larger negative impact on the rural parts of the state.

We could be a leader in our country by supporting border security but our Democratic representatives oppose doing anything about it and say the influx of illegal immigrants has hit record highs. We could be a leader in preventing infanticide by supporting a recent Senate bill that required doctors provide medical care for babies that survived an abortion procedure but bot Sens. Klobuchar and Smith opposed protecting babies that might survive an abortion procedure.

Instead the left in Minnesota believes we should be a leader in high taxes, redistribution of wealth through taxation, shoring up their support by providing more money to the education lobby while we witness declining education advancement and increasing costs of school administration, as reported in a major newspaper, and by taking the first step toward sanctuary status by providing drivers' licenses to illegals.

Unfortunately, the story the governor wants is not new but the same tax-and-spend policies of the left and disregard for law-abiding citizens in favor of potential votes.

Dale Probasco,