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Letter to the editor: County has empathy problem

"Someone uses drugs, let them die ... solves the problem." (Brainerd Dispatch, March 24)

What an awful thing to say; what an awful attitude to have. This is exactly the attitudes we don't need in our government! WWJD?

It wasn't that long ago the same was said about alcoholics, or gay people contracting AIDS. That was also cruel and ignorant.

When people try "illegal" drugs, most often it's just the idea of trying something new, something daring. They're not trying to harm themselves, their environment, or bring down humankind. (The capitalists can handle that.) Some grew up around it, being drawn in inadvertently.

Someone trying drugs isn't seeking to be criminal. Murder, perjury, burglary or crooked business dealings qualify for that label. We have the bank, housing and financial crises for that. We have a White House occupant who fantasizes about getting away with murder.

The worst part of the drug problem is the way many "straight" people deal with it. As was implied, we can't arrest our way to sobriety.

The reason some drugs are illegal is because of physical harm they may cause, or their addictive effects. Someone taking a drug is trying to accomplish a similar thing as the boneheads who jump snowmobiles or ATVs across my driveway while my 9-year-old daughter is walking out to get the mail. They're trying to get "high," much like someone using meth or cocaine.

Or the people who climb mountains, skydive, ice fish or bungee jump - other ways to get high. We're repeatedly calling on our public servants to rescue them from some disaster they've created for themselves, or bringing their bodies back when they weren't so lucky. Read the paper now and then.

When people hurt themselves with drugs, let's help them, not hurt them and their families further.

A. Martin,