According to the March 19, 2019, Minneapolis StarTribune: "Calgary-based energy company Enbridge was Minnesota's biggest spender on lobbying in 2018, according to a new report."

"The company spent nearly $11.1 million, with most of the money used to advocate in front of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for the right to build a massive oil pipeline across northern Minnesota," the newspaper reported.

They must have known that to get such a crazy route approved, they would have to spend crazy money. Instead of a logical straight line route (like the existing pipeline), they want to meander way down south to avoid Native American resistance.

If Enbridge cannot figure out a way to replace the existing pipeline, I see no reason why Minnesota should allow a Canadian company to bribe its way to something that is not in our interest. Gov. Tim Walz is appealing the PUC decision. Please let your local reps and the governor know that our state is not for sale.

Mike O'Brien,

Pequot Lakes