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Letter to the editor: Support renewable energy legislation

Recent newspaper articles have taught us that the Midwest is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It is already increasing the spread of diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes, affecting the health of local plants and animals and the incomes of farmers and resort owners.

Yet we should not feel helpless to change the situation. Minnesota has already met a goal for 25 percent renewable energy, and new legislation is being introduced to bring compliance to 100 percent.

One is HF 0700 sponsored by Rep. Long and Sen. Frentz, the bill proposing increased use of renewable energy, including biomass (SF850). Green New Deal legislation is being discussed on a national level.

Increased use of renewables will create new jobs, support the tourism and farming industries among others, and improve the climate and our health. Studies show that this also comes with a reduced cost.

Urge your legislators to support these initiatives.

Pat Scott,