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Letter to the editor: Don't miss future wild game potlucks

To any fathers and sons who have never attended the Men and Boys Wild Game Potluck Banquet at the Trailside Center at Pequot Lakes Baptist Church, you have missed out on a beautiful program put on by the men's ministry at that church. It's great to see so many young kids there with their dads.

With all the electronic gadgets taking over so many young boys' lives, many dads and sons have overlooked or forgotten the real reason so many people choose to live here - the outdoors, hunting and fishing.

It offers free attendance for all. Every kid leaves with some type of outdoor prize, with many more drawings for all who attend.

Plus there's a great wild game feed, consisting of moose, elk, bear, deer, fish, wild boar, pheasant, duck, geese, turkey, quail. The list goes on; there's something for everyone's taste. There's also a large taxidermy display.

Attendance was between 305-310 this year. That along with the great number of activities that take place at the Trailside Center year-round, the facility is certainly a great asset to our community.

This was their 28th annual feed, which is, as a rule, on the last Friday in February. Again, we all thank you.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes