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Letter to the editor: Immigration law

Senator Klobuchar was on national tv and told untrue stories (she lied) how President Trump had gut punched the Democrats on immigration. She forgets they turned down a compromise offered by Trump, giving them DACA and he would get his wall. That is not a gut punch it's called compromise.

An email I received from Klobuchar's office falsely stated that immigration was one of her top priorities. When asked during the recent campaign it was not in her top three priorities.

Her email said how immigrants are vital to America. I would agree that legal immigrants are. The Senator always forgets that legal part. Several studies show the annual cost of illegal immigration is between $11.7 - $250 billion, more than enough to pay for a wall.

She says how she does not like that children are being separated from their parents when they try to illegally enter our country. Where was her outrage when Obama did the same thing? It is called hypocrisy.

Her email response shows what she believes in regarding securing the border.

• Legalize all DACA people and continue the same program going forward

• Let people who enter illegally seeking asylum be given a future court date and hope they show up. We know the vast majority do not.

• If you overstay your visa then that is OK we will allow you to stay

• If you can sneak into this generous country and have a baby you are set for life and can bring in all your relatives

Her view of immigration is essentially open borders because she wants the new voters to keep her power. She does no value US Citizenship and wants to give it free to all that illegally enter America.

Uphold your oath to protect and defend our country.

Dale Probasco

Backus, MN